Wednesday, 13 July 2011

You are now enrolled on the Shopaholic Diet!

Shopaholic is a term used to describe individual who consider themselves as addicted to shopping. I can quite safely say thats me. If Im not in my local Mall Im online on asos or looking for a bargin on Ebay. Ive even got to the point where I have retail apps on my phone! There is no getting away from it! Like a diet if I starve myself of my food i.e. shopping, there will be a BINGE! Hence I like to maintain it, it keeps me nourished ! Therefore there will be plenty to blog about!

So the blog it is not going to be deep in any way shape or form, its just about what I buy and what are my thoughts! I love makeup, clothes and especially shoes! I seriously have a problem when it comes to shoes which you will soon find out. 

.. Hello My names Rebecca and Im a Shopaholic

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